If you've been injured, don't hesitate to give us a call. You shouldn't have to suffer needlessly if someone else is at fault. We have years of experience working with wrongful death, workers compensation, and vehicle accidents. Let us help you find solutions to any of the issues stemming from your injuries.


Leslie Waycaster has handled a variety of personal injury cases since he began practicing in 1980.
Personal Injuries can arise from a variety of circumstances including vehicle collisions, dangerous conditions on property, defective products or professional negligence. While every case is different, these are some things you should do no matter what your case may be. These include:
1. Get medical treatment as soon as possible. Depending on your injuries, a delay may hinder the medical personnel from being able to treat you. For example, swelling may delay your treatment and lengthen your recovery time;
2. When possible, take pictures of the location or product that caused your injuries. If you can maintain custody of a product that injured you, that is even better;
3. Save your evidence. For example, if you are prescribed medicine, save your containers. A bag full of pill containers is more convincing to a jury than just your testimony about the medicine you took;
4. If someone from the other party's insurance company calls, either an adjuster or investigator, you have to assume you are being recorded. Politely tell them you intend to hire a lawyer and ask for the insurance company's contact information and claim number. Do not discuss the details of the incident until you have consulted an attorney; and
5. Do everything your doctors tell you to do. If you feel the treatment is not helping, do not give up on what you were instructed to do. Instead, let your doctor know what is happening and perhaps some other treatment will help you improve.
Our initial consultation is free. Our fees are dependent upon us getting you a successful result. We can discuss your case by phone, in person at our office and even at your home or a hospital, if necessary. All you have to do is get in touch.
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Leslie Waycaster has been involved in over a thousand vehicle collision cases since 1980. For the first eight years, he represented various insurance companies including State Farm and Allstate. Since 1989, he has represented plaintiffs in cases involving automobiles, motorcycles, and tractor trailer collisions.
One of the most important aspects of vehicular collisions is identifying all applicable insurance, not only of the other driver but also your own. Coordinating liability coverage with uninsured/underinsured coverage and coordinating medical payment coverage from your vehicle policy with medical payments by health insurance carriers can often times be the most complicated aspect of your case. You need to hire an attorney who deals with vehicle insurance on a daily basis. For example, let's assume you are hit by another driver who only has the minimum amount of liability coverage required by Georgia. Let's assume you also own a motorcycle. Did you know that your motorcycle policy might provide some added coverage to help you, even though you were not operating it at the time of the wreck?
If you are seriously injured in a wreck, be sure to try and do the following:
1. Get someone to take pictures of your car before the insurance company disposes of it;
2. Get someone to obtain a copy of the accident report (we can do this for you);
3. Report the collision to your insurance company as soon as possible;
4. Follow the additional steps listed on our Personal Injury page.
Our initial consultation is free. Our fees are dependent upon us getting you a successful result. We can discuss your case by phone, in person at our office and even at your home or a hospital, if necessary. All you have to do is get in touch.


One's wrongful death can occur from several different circumstances including vehicle collisions, defective products, dangerous conditions on property, professional negligence, or the execution of physical force by another person. The loss of a loved one can be especially painful under any of these circumstances.
Wrongful death cases present unique issues. Not only does Georiga have specific rules about who can bring such a case, but family members are trying to handle a serious legal matter while grieving over a huge loss in their lives. From a legal standpoint, the attorney must know how to handle the case without the benefit of the testimony of the victim.
Georgia law allows for the recovery of the full value of the life of the decedent. This includes not only lost future income, but also intangible things such as the enjoyment of life. Not only do we strive to show a person's lost earnings but we also strive to show the jury the kind of person the deceased was through the testimony of family and friends.
Our initial consultation is free. Our fees are dependent upon us getting you a successful result. We can discuss your case by phone, in person at our office and even at your home or a hospital, if necessary. All you have to do is get in touch.
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For over 30 years attorney Timothy Allred has devoted a substantial portion of his practice to persons who have been injured and disabled on the job. He has a track record of successful workers’ compensation claims, including complex claims involving multiple employers and insurance companies.
An injury at work can be devastating. It may be difficult to pay medical bills and support family members that depend on you. Dealing with an employer and its insurance company can be overwhelming.
Mr. Allred has a strong understanding of Georgia workers’ compensation laws and the experience to protect clients’ rights to ensure they can pay bills and support their families. For over 20 years Mr. Allred represented some of the largest employers and insurance companies in North GA, including Shaw Industries, Beaulieu of America, Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. and State Farm Ins. Co. For the past 10 years he has put that knowledge and experience to work helping to protect the rights of injured workers.
Mr. Allred is experienced in handling every type of workplace injury from investigation through to final resolution of the claim.
Injured workers are entitled to receive lost wages if unable to work, as well as necessary medical treatment, including therapy, prescriptions, and medical supplies required to treat the injuries. Workers who are temporarily disabled due to an on-the job injury are entitled to receive disability payments, and those left with permanent disabilities may also be entitled to additional compensation.
A work-related injury can be a life-changing event. Mr. Allred has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you deal with it as you face your employer, insurance company and medical providers. To set up a free consultation, please contact us. 
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