Mediation is a process utilized by all Courts, both State and Federal, in Georgia. Leslie Waycaster has been a certified mediator since 1995 and has mediated hundreds of cases. Cases have included vehicle collisions, defective products, dangerous conditions on property, professional negligence, land-line disputes and a variety of business disputes over contracts and business relations. Mr. Waycaster has been recognized as being in the top 5% off all mediators across the state of Georgia. 
Mediation helps get cases settled more quickly and cheaply. Litigation can be time-consuming and expensive. To avoid delays, most judicial circuits, particularly in North Georgia require the parties to attend mediation prior to trial.
Mediation also helps Mr. Waycaster in serving as the attorney for his clients. "I spend a lot of time talking to attorneys and insurance adjusters. That knowledge helps me as a lawyer as well, to know which facts are important in assessing one's case and to have a better idea of how a jury is likely to view a case."
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